Friends of St Mary's

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The Friends of St Mary's was established in 1992 to help ensure that The Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary Thame (aka St Mary's!) should continue to play a key role in the of the community, central to the lives of some and to many more a backdrop to daily life and a familiar landmark when returning home.

The St Mary's building has been and continues to be the focus of many of life's memories, including christenings, weddings and, more sadly, funerals.

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During its existence, The Friends of St Mary's have helped fund many repairs and maintenance works, including major work on the tower and the roofs, and lime-washing the interior of the building.

Once a century or so a major refurbishment becomes essential involving timber treatment, flooring, organ, bells, lighting and heating installations etc. In 1991/2 the refurbishment and reordering of St Mary's included over £300,000 of such works. As a contribution to this future expense The Friends of St Mary's has also been putting aside funds for the day, estimated to be around the year 2090, when another major refurbishment will be required.

However the Friends of St Mary's is not just about raising money but it aims to live up to its name, in fostering friendships between church members and other people whose lives are touched by St Mary's. The Friends organise social events, like the annual BBQ, concerts, events in church and help with refreshments on other occasions.

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If you'd like to know more about the work of the Friends of St Mary's, please do contact us.