Bell ringing at St Mary's


St Mary's has eight bells, which are rung on Sunday mornings and for other special services.  

Bell Ringers

The ringers at Thame are always pleased to have new and potential ringers to join the team.

Individuals, couples and families with children aged 12 years and over, are welcomed.

If you are interested come up the Tower on a Monday evening 7.30.p.m. when we can show you the bells and arrange a time for you to have a try at ringing,or just come to watch on a Sunday morning 9.30.a.m.  We would be pleased to welcome you at either time.

For more information speak to Rosalie Gibson (Tower Captain) or give her a call on 213948.


Thame Bells.

St Mary's has a ring of eight bells in F# tenor, 11& 1/2 cwt (approx), cast at Whitechapel in 1876 from the metal of the former ring of six and hung in a nineteenth century oak frame. The bells are all inscribed ‘Mears and Stainbank’ Founders, London 1876 with a dedication on the tenor to Revd. E B Corbett, Vicar. William Edden. Richard Berry. Churchwardens.

In 1997 White of Appleton fitted a steel support grillage under the oak frame and the bells were fine tuned at the Whitechapel Foundry.

There are numerous records in the Churchwardens accounts for repairs to bells over the centuries from the 1400’s and the first mention of a bell being rung was whilst the Church was still under construction in the 1240’s and Bishop Grosseteste lay dying. It is said that the bell rang without mortal assistance!

The present bells were named in 1997, from the Fruits of the Spirit.As in Galatians Chapter 5.  v22-25.            

                                         They are from treble to tenor, 

Love, Joy,Peace,Patience,Gentleness,Faithfulness, Humility,and Forbearance. There is also a Sanctus bell dedicated to Mary which probably dates back to the late 1500’s.